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My Content Marketing Strategies & Frameworks
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What are These?

During the past 7 years, I have engineered and developed several data-driven marketing strategies and content production frameworks. Many were once the centrepiece of many marketing implementations and have proven to be useful more or less. From those “many”, only a few are out of the bounds of NDAs.

Here’s a brief description of those “few”. May these brief descriptions spark the initial insights into their mechanics for your content marketing campaigns.

The Hand of God - AI Generated

The Hand of God

The Hand of God is a large interlinked network of sites designed for promoting a single target using mass-generated positive customer feedback in the form of short-form blogs, personal experience stories and case studies. The Hand of God is leveraging herd psychology principles to maximise efficacy.

The Bastion of Eternal Saints - AI Generated

The Bastion of Eternal Saints

The Bastion of Eternal Saints is a digital marketing countermeasure aimed to ease competition by leveraging mass task execution against one or multiple competitors to remove them from SERP before the execution of the marketing plan of the desired target.

The Cobalt Class - AI Generated

The Cobalt Class

The Cobalt Class is a private blog and backlink network that operates in opposition to common active PBNs used today. The mechanics of The Cobalt Class network are based on the Pareto Principle where 20% of sites link to external targets while 80% of sites are strategically linked to the other 20% to establish a one-way crawl pathway that covers the entire network before ending up in the external target.

The Diablo Class - AI Generated

The Diablo Class

The Diablo Class is a heavily automated one-page non-interlinked site network that promotes one or multiple external targets using generic CTA prompts. The network operates on automation APIs or off-site automatic task execution systems to purchase domains, deploy randomly customised site templates and generate content using AI or other mass-content generation frameworks plus mass backlinking for target keywords.

The Instrument of Absolute Truth - AI Generated

The Instrument of Absolute Truth

The Instrument of Absolute Truth is a marketing strategy designed to leverage genuine content for organic traffic. The twist is the content will be heavily biased. The Instrument of Absolute Truth establishes a network of 3 to 7 websites all biased toward 1 to 3 targets.

The Holy Inquisitor - AI Generated

The Holy Inquisitor

The Holy Inquisitor is a global content performance surveyor and auditor for internal private site networks. The Holy Inquisitor collects data from common analytics services, analyses them and provides detailed feedback and ideas on the content performance using language model APIs, deep learning algorithms and neural network simulations.

Trigger-Lock Hierarchy - AI Generated

Trigger-Lock Hierarchy

Trigger-Lock Hierarchy is a hierarchical content production framework that analyses marketing materials against common ideologies and beliefs to ensure total inclusiveness and political correctness. The framework prevents hostile reactions and triggers and drives away unwanted attention that may derail the main marketing plan from its original route.

Just a Short Description?

I believe a wise mind can understand the depth in which these strategies and frameworks go within their domain of operation when implemented in real-life marketing scenarios hence the brief description of their mechanics. I am doing this to keep the practice contained. However, full documentation for each will be published at the right time!


Some of these strategies and frameworks, although devised personally, would never see the light without the help of members of marketing societies such as The Hand, Eternal Saitns, BlackHatWorld and many friends and colleagues across the globe who provided me with their precious research and marketing data.


Marketing at strategic and systemic levels, where optimisations are based on in-depth analysis of every bit of data, should be handled with care. Many factors should be taken into consideration before planning for implementation. Therefore, please implement these strategies and frameworks at your own risk.

I am not bearing any responsibility for any mishaps, issues or problems that may arise as the result of implementing these strategies and frameworks whether technical, legal or otherwise.